About "the ferrets in my head"
In response to people asking me to see more of my work, I have attempted to put up a series of glimpses into the collections I  have done over the years. Putting up everything would be too difficult and probably wouldn't be productive, however I hope these windows into the asemic collections will be of some use to get the feel for my work.
Here are some of the links to work that has been published in journals, seen at exhibitions or have been blogged.
Solo Exhibition @ Curve Gallery, Newcastle NSW
27th November - 19th December 2015
The Annual Brussels International Underground Poetry Fest, Sept. 2015, exhibition at W.I.E.L.S.
Otoliths, Issue 39,
November 2015
An Asemic Anthology by  Paul A. Toth
Coldfront Magazine, Nov. 2014,
A magazine of critical languages ​​and research, 2015
 "The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing
An Asemic Anthology, Paul A Toth, Publ. 2015
IFAC ZEN Gallery, 2014
Truck, Visual Poetry Blog, 2015
ASEMIC Exhibition  - ART, GRAPHICS AND PHOTOGRAPHY, The Spiral, Malta 2015
Sonic Boom - "A literary and Arts Journal", 2015
Extreme Writing Community Blog, 2015
POIESIS, International Poetry Congress 2015, Brazil, 2015s
Exhibit: Asemic Writing: Offline & In The Gallery @ Minnesota Center for Book Art - May 2017
International Fine Arts Collaborative - Together Again
10/13/16 – 10/15/16
Aqua Gallery at Gateway Art Cente

A magazine of critical languages ​​and research, 2017